Daily Post: Stroke of Midnight

Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013? Is that where you’d wanted to be?

When 2012 turned into 2013 I was at home with my puppies and my sweetheart, watching Footloose (the original) on Netflix and drinking Starbucks iced coffee!  I was EXACTLY where I wanted to be.

Jonathan and I have never been big New Years Eve party goers and this year, I had to work during the day.  When I got home, we changed clothes and went to dinner at this new mexican food restaurant by our house, Jimmy Changas.  It was our first time going and we were quite impressed!  The food was delicious, the drinks were great and their green sauce was heavenly!  After dinner we were both completely stuffed, but didn’t want to fall asleep because of our food comas, so we went to Starbucks.  We ordered 2 venti iced coffees and drove home.

Earlier in the night, we talked about going to see a movie at the theatre, but decided we could rent several movies on Apple TV for less than the cost of a theatre movie.  We each chose a movie we wanted to watch and started with his.  He chose Looper, I chose Pitch Perfect.  Looper was a great action movie, kinda twisty and jumps back and forth a lot.  It kept me on the edge of my (couch) seat.  Pitch Perfect was hilarious!  I haven’t laughed that hard during a movie in a looooong time!  It’s a great date movie, it makes you want to sing, and the characters are absolutely hysterical.  Definitely a movie I could see myself buying and watching over and over again.

Once we finished those two movies and realized we still had a good hour before midnight CST, we went to our Netflix instant queue for something to watch until “the stroke of midnight.”  We decided on Footloose, one of our favorite classics!  At midnight, during the scene when Ren is playing chicken with the tractors, we paused the movie, wished each other a Happy New Year, kissed and then gave NYE kisses to the puppies.  We turned the movie back on and shortly after that I fell asleep!

If you ask me, our New Years Eve was pretty glorious!  Maybe not according to some standards, but we had a great time just being together with our dogs.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to ring in the new year!

How did you spend your night ringing in the new year?

Happy New Year Blogosphere!



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